Education is a Right, Not a Commodity

  • Free Polytech aims to lower barriers to entry into IT professions by providing free high-quality computer science courses and free mentorship to students
  • All courses at Free Polytech are asynchronous, self-paced, and project-based
  • Unlike in online MOOc courses, students at Free Polytech receive continuous feedback and guidance from their instructor


Programming 1

Introduction to Python

Open for Enrollment
Course Outline

To enroll, email admissions@free-polytech.net

Programming 2

Object Oriented Programming

To be released in 2022


Data Visulization with Python

To be released in 2022

Apply to Free Polytech

Free Polytech is currently accepting applications for enrollment in Programming 1: Introduction to Programming with Python

To apply, send an email to admissions@free-polytech.net with the information below:

  • Your full name
  • A short paragraph describing why you are interested in studying computer programming